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Here are a collection of tools and calculators designed to help you in the divorce process. Arranged by category, you can find help in determining your budget, savings, debt consolidation and determining your current assets and liablities. Unlike some sites, our calculators and tools are always free. Note: Some links below are to other sites, these links will open a second window.

Checklists ::
Divorce Stages:
1. Deciding:
Should You Stay in Marriage?
2. Beginning:
Planning to File for Divorce
3. Process:
Moving Through the Courts
4. Ongoing:
Issues after the Decree is Final
5. Moving On:
Steps to Consider after Divorce
Choosing a Divorce Attorney
How to Pick a Divorce Financial Analyst

Mortgage and housing tools ::

Current Mortgage Rates - Get current interest rate information from Bankrate.com.

Mortgage Loan Calculator - Calculate your payment - Don't forget insurance and taxes!

Budgeting ::

How Much Do You Owe? - Calculator helps you add your debt.

Home Budget Calculator - Assists in making a quick budget.

Payroll Deductions - Determine what different deductions will do to your take home pay.

Valuation tools ::

Stock Option Calculator - Estimate the value of stock options from year 1 to year 20.

Zillow.com - See an initial valuation for your home.

Insurance ::

Life Insurance Calculator - How much life insurance do you need?

Auto ::

Auto Loan Payment Calculator - Determine your payment or how much car you can afford.

Lease vs. Buy - Which is better for you? From Bankrate.com.

Saving ::

Debt Evaluation Calculator - Neat tool from MSN that allows you to assess your debt.

Debt Consolidation Calculator - Simple calculator that helps determine if a debt consolidation loan is right for them.

Savings Goals - Use this calculator to determine what it will take to reach your savings goals.

Cool Million - Find out when your savings plan gets you to a million!

Emergency Savings Calculator - Everyone should have a fews months living expenses in savings - This helps you plan to save for this.

Established credit ::

Credit Assessment - Determine how your credit might look to a lender.

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