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Feng Shui: Improving Your Health after Divorce

Feng Shui: Improving Your Health after Divorce

Mental Health: Declutter, Relax and Create Healing after Divorce to Improve Health


Q: Going through the divorce has really played havoc with my health and I’m wondering what the practice of Feng Shui can contribute to helping me heal?

A traumatic experience of any type can compromise our immune system and emotional underpinning. So I would start with the obvious — eating healthy, getting daily exercise and sufficient sleep. Remembering that Feng Shui is about managing one’s energy, I would propose a three-pronged approach:  

1. Deep Relaxation.
Whether we name it meditation, sitting or clearing the mind, deep relaxation can lower blood pressure, reduce adrenalin output, improve blood and brain chemistry, and ultimately improve our sense of well-being. The essential elements include a quite environment, a comfortable position, a mental device (a mantra, phrase, candle flame, or prayer beads) to re-focus on when the mind wanders, and above all — a non-judgmental attitude. 

The technique looks like this: Sit quietly, close your eyes, relax all muscles, starting with your feet and move upward to facial muscles. Breathe through your nose to the count of 6-in, 6-out and remain focused on breathing deeply. If you start to feel dizzy, take some shallow breaths. Continue this process for 15-20 minutes. Focus your mind. Keep an open attitude and don’t judge yourself.  Allow thoughts, sensations, and feelings to emerge and release them.   

2. De-clutter.
Get rid of everything that no longer serves you or keeps you hooked into the past or negativity (except documents with legal or financial consequences). 

3.  Create a Healing Environment.
Consciously choose to surround yourself with uplifting images, belongings and relationships. Even doing some of these things, some of the time supports the healing process and can make a dramatic difference in emotional, physical and spiritual well-being!


Nancy Wesson offers seminars in Feng Shui, thriving after divorce and dispute resolution and is the author of "Moving your Aging Parents". She teaches at the University of Texas, Texas State and Austin Board of Realtors. She can be reached at nwesson@focusonspace.com. Her Web site is www.focusonspace.com.

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