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5 Simple Steps: Get Over Ex

5 Simple Steps: Get Over Ex

Tips to Help You Dump your Feelings for your Ex and Move on with your New Life


    You're divorced but still talk about your ex like he's your husband and your marriage as if it had been picture-perfect. The torch you're carrying is as big as the state of denial you're in. Put out the flame.  

1. Get perspective.
Your relationship wasn't a panacea for your problems. Write down the reasons your marriage failed. Seeing that list will make the reasons for your divorce more concrete.  

2. Purge.
Still have pictures of your ex? Other mementos? Tell him to pick up his things or donate them to charity.  

3. Ditch the self-pity.
Realize that the relationship is over. You'll go through a grieving process, just like when you lose a loved one, which you have. Write down the reasons you need to move and do it.

4. Turn to friends.
They were there for your divorce. They are there for you now.  

5. Date again.
Just remember that your first relationship back in singledom doesn't mean you have to marry the guy. Dating is an opportunity to get to know yourself again and what you want. 


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