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14 Real Life Ways To Save Money

14 Real Life Ways To Save Money

Do Divorce And Money Mix?


    Getting divorced is expensive. All the legal, court, moving and other costs add up over time. Divorce360.com estimates it can cost between $50,000 to more than $100,000, depending on how many children, what kind of property and how amicable -- or not -- your divorce is. But there are always ways to save money in your every day life. Here are some tips to help:      

1. Refinance your home.
With interest rates dropping, consider refinancing. It can save you money on your monthly payments.        

2. Shop when you're happy.
Be careful when shopping, especially if you’re feeling depressed. If you want to go to the mall to cheer yourself up, just buy a scarf or a pair of shoes on sale, or make it a challenge or adventure to find the very best deal or bargain you can. 

3. Get rid of extra services.
Get rid of extra features on your phone– like three-way calling – or if you use your cell phone most of the time, get rid of your land line.        

4. Save on late fees.
If you’re consistently paying bills late, consider having them taken directly from your checking account.      

5. Use coupons.
There are several sites to print manufacturers’ coupons, like Coupons.com. Also, many brands offer printable coupons on their website – such as Betty Crocker. Search for your favorite brands’ sites and see what specials they have. Target store coupons can also be found online and paired with manufacturer’s coupons. 

6. Get free samples.
There are lots of free samples to be found online, including at Wal-Mart.        

7. Match the price.
Wal-Mart stores will match a local competitor’s ad price for exact items (excluding buy one get one free, percents off, etc.). Check with your local Wal-Mart for details. 

8. Get refills.
Walgreens refills ink cartridges for $10 for black and $15 for color.        

9. Get Greenbax.
Piggly Wiggly stores in Georgia and South Carolina offer Greenbax by accumulating points as you shop that can be redeemed for grocery items or even movie tickets.

10. Find out about rewards.
Check your local stores to see if they have similar rewards programs. 

11. Double or triple your money.
Many grocery stores have double or triple coupon days.

12. Grow your own.
Plant a garden and grow vegetables and fruits.

13. Compare rates.
Different telephone, cable/satellite and Internet providers offer different rates. Make sure you’re getting the best rate out there.

14. Find free attractions.
Find free attractions around the U.S. at Free-Attractions.com.

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