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5 Simple Steps: Divorce Insomnia

5 Simple Steps: Divorce Insomnia

Mental Health: 5 Tips to Combat Sleeplessness of Divorce


    Divorce can leave people emotionally distraught and confused. It can lead to long, sleepless nights and stressful days with no relief in sight. Insomnia and sleepless nights can often be brought on by stress, frustration and worry and are rarely passing. Making sure that you get the necessary amount of sleep each night can enhance your mood and perspective, it can grant you additional energy and a sense of wellbeing. Here are five simple steps to getting some sleep and conquering insomnia:

1. Close the curtains.
Make sure you've turned off all the lights and shielded your room from street lights and noise pollution. It's important that your place of rest be dark, quiet and cool. The optimal temperature for sleep is between 60 and 65 degrees as it helps the body produce important neurohormones for feeling drowsy and sleeping.

2. Make time for sleep.
Everyone's body has a built in sleep cycle. It's important that you make time to sleep and stay on a scheduled routine. Breaking your sleep cycle or pushing your body to stay awake longer can distort the body's natural rhythm.

3. Exercise regularly.
Exercising early in the day helps to relieve tension and can lead to a natural fatigue and tiredness later in the day. Working an exercise routine into your schedule regularly can help promote satisfying sleep.

4. Only sleep when tired.  
If you lay in bed for 30 minutes or more and can't fall asleep, don't toss and turn. Get out of bed and find an activity to occupy your time until you begin to feel tired. Doing this regularly not only helps the body move into a sleep-ready state but it helps your body get on a schedule for sleep.

5. Keep the bed in the bedroom.
It's important that your bed and bedroom be for sleep and sex exclusively. Separating work, hobbies, paperwork and other clutter from your bedroom can help promote a sense of calm in your bedroom. Ensuring that your bed is a clean, comfortable and relaxing place helps expedite sleep.

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