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Divorce360.com experts say you know you're getting divorced if...

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  • You blame your partner for all your marital problems.

  • You've been to counseling already.

  • You say, "We love each other, but we're not in love anymore."

  • You have been separated for more than six months.

  • You say "My boyfriend or girlfriend and I have set a wedding date, and I am still married."

  • If you've given your attorney a check and signed a fee agreement.

  • You have no idea where your spouse is or even if they are alive.

  • If you've served divorce papers or you have been served papers.

  • You are no longer in love with your spouse.
  • Marriage counseling has not helped.
  • You feel empty, angry, lonely and frustrated in your marriage.
  • You have found a new significant other.
  • Your kids are grown and out of the house.
  • You are financially independent.
  • You and your spouse both agree it is best to part company.
  • You have had a consultation with a lawyer.

  • If you say "This is the fifth time we've separated," it may be a marriage pattern.

  • If you say "This time he has a girlfriend," it's likely the end.