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I had been married before to my best friend, but not good partners. My present wife took me and nursed me while divorcing. Then she proclaimed her love for me and that's all it took.

Early violent episodes around alcohol and child birth. The first five years were difficult until she got diagnosed with PMDD and started medication. Total violent attacks: four violent attacks, and many verbal attacks.

After our second was born, she attacked me while holding the children while yelling at me for something trivial. I had thrown away something I thought was garbage. That didn't make sense.

For five years wife has been on meds until a month ago. Found out she has been off meds and drinking vodka hidden in mixer drinks. She became violent in front of kids and was removed from home. she filed for divorce.

My fear is the divorce. She is the mother of my children and the love of my life. I want her to get help and for us to get help and help her. 

If you can institutionalize someone to get help do it. If you have any questions about any issues, go get help from professionals. Don't wait.

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