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How do you say goodbye to 25 yrs

In a bar/Blind date

Routine, he would come home watch his tv in the living room and I would watch mine in my bedroom, he like to watch races and I movies. He never took me out on date night so my girls and I would go to the movies.

When he took me off his checking acct two yrs ago and got his on cell ph. I knew recreational drugs were playing a part also in his life but he thought he as hiding it from me.

I had my oldest daughter in her last yr of college and my second daughter starting college, and my 13 yr old still to support.  I knew I could not do anything just yet, not until the older ones were more established.

That I wont be able to live without his paycheck, not that he gives me anything of it now, I might get 100 for groceries, when he brings home 950 a week, and believe me I use to do the bills I know hat it takes. The girls and I never see shopping money for clothes and etc...

As of last week he is out of the house do to a argument that got out of hand. I need to act very soon on what im going to do. He is doing what he wants and acting like this does not bother him. But for me it hurts, I need to not let my feelings get in the way.

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