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Ill never trust a woman

on line in aol chat room 

out standing loving all the time to much sex to much love to much being her pet and giving her everything she never had a drivers liscense i drove her to college work college and around the world with her and all over the usa

She was quiet going out on her own when the family came to visit she left to go jogging and met a boyhood fiend that was in jail for 26 years obama let him out early.  it fucked my marriage thanks to him.   

she wanted him and he dumped her for a 24 yearold girl instead of a 40 yearold woman,  i divorced her i have custody of my daughter full custody and i get child support and allmoney.   

retallation from her lovers she keeps meeting men telling them a sad story and not the truth.

never talk to your spouse walk away
and dream for the sky do what you wanted to do and be happy your not living with a lier for 20 years and that person cheating behind your back.

watching my daughter tell her mom she would never live with her she would rather die first its been over a year and my daughter hugs me every night.

never trust your cheating spouse ever and never turn your back to them.
Move on and dont ever talk to them its makes them feel bad the rest of there cheating lives 

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