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Marriage Built On Dreams

We were employed by same company

We both came from previous marriage, we carried baggage into our marriage with children, ex spouses, finances, different goals.

Our children from previous marriages had grown and we drifted apart in our goals and life together.  Life was not calm or peaceful, verbal abuse ran rapid thru those last 8 yrs.

Tried therapy but it was a lost cause, he was not happy and was angry and in turn I became unhappy and angry.   I filed for divorce first, we attempted a reconciliation for a few months, than he filed and moved out of house. 

We are separated, he lives about an hour from the house we are selling, all responsibility falls on me, I am working part time.  I am worried about the ability to hold a full time job since I have not worked outside of house in 7 yrs and over 55.

First and foremost, make sure you are financially stable to support yourself, next secure all financial documentation....get your hands on all documents BEFORE you decide to divorce.

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