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No Pound of Flesh?

The court has decided on the divorce case of the New York doctor ...

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How Much Would You Pay A Lawyer Before Going To Triial?

  A Texas State District Judge has awarded $3 million to an ...

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How Much Will Kate Walsh Reveal?

Private Practice's Kate Walsh is opening up about her private divorce. ...

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Will Female Judges Prove a Boon For Muslim Women?

Palestine now has something that only the Sudan has among all the Muslim ...

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Can Good Bye Mean A Second Chance?

Sixty-three years ago Trevor and Icella Blaker married. Thirty-five years ago Trevor and ...

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Is Cooking a Reason For Divorce?

A New Delhi man is divorcing his wife. His reason? He only eats ...

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Is Domestic Violence a Divorce Gimmick?

  A Conway, New Hampshire city councilman expressed that women use domestic ...

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How Far would You go to Avoid Paying out on a Divorce?

A Phoenix man was arrested for hiring a hit man to kill his ...

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Should Spousal Misconduct be Considered?

Arizona is considering an amendment to their divorce law. They're talking about including ...

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Are Social Networks Good or Bad?

According to Pew Research, over 35 percent of adult Americans have a social ...

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Will Rhode Island Recognize Same Sex Divorce?

The Rhode Island General Assembly is looking at a bill to allow same ...

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Is Beheading the Best Image?

A New York television executive was arrested for beheading his wife.  She had ...

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Should State Enforce Class for Divorcing Parents?

  Texas is considering a bill that would require divorcing couples with ...

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Does Ambition Mean Divorce for Educated Women?

According to recent surveys, women with MBAs, over 40, are twice as likely ...

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For Love or Finance?

  Divorce lawyers say that business is down. Internet dating is up. ...

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How Far Would You Go to Avoid "The Talk?"

We all have different ways of approaching the divorce talk.  Of course none of ...

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How Important is a Good Attorney?

Divorces are painful. The level of pain depends on the amount of animosity ...

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How Depressing is Divorce?

  A Connecticut man was arraigned for arson this week. He set ...

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New Casualties in the Finance World?

First it was the housing crunch hitting divorcing couples, forcing them to live ...

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How Fast Can You Get Divorced?

The Brodsky Law Firm in New York promises it can get you almost ...

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Will He Bring His Son Back Home?

  David Goldman hasn't seen his son since 2004. That was the ...

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Can You Say Cynical?

What controversial contest from last year is back for this year?  WKLC's "Free ...

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Is Jodie Sweetin Emptying Her Full House?

Full House actress Jodie Sweetin is ending her marriage to Cody Herpin. Sweetin,27, ...

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Will New Jersey Ruling Set Precedent for the Nation?

A New Jersey Judge handed down her decision in the case of the ...

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Can Divorcing Couples Get the Real Value of Their Homes?

Divorce is horrible for everybody, except those looking to get a good deal ...

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