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The Parent Swap and Divorced Woman 101

If filing for divorce and joing custody; put a distance clause!

I always think I've heard just about everything when it comes to joint/shared custody living ...

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Divorced is never totally divorced is it?

I have been divorced for ten years.  We share two kids and from that aspect ...

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The Grief of Divorce

 I had a very dear friend of mine pass away this week. This is not ...

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Divorced and different parenting styles...how can I manage?

I recently went to a parenting class for raising teenagers.  I went as a divorced ...

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Open letter to divorced dads of teenage daughters

Being divorced isn't easy.  Being a child with divorced parents isn't easy either. But being ...

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Divorced and Internet dating? How good can it be?

Dating.  That is a fun word isn't it?  I've met men in various ways.  The ...

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I feel like I'm going through a divorce all over again! About teenage kids!

I feel like I've just had an ephiphany! I have been fairly lucky so far ...

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Divorced. Do I get another chance at real love?

I've been divorced for about ten years.  Somewhere since that time I had another 5 ...

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Dealing with my own control issues as a divorced parent!

It has taken me quite a while to realize that I can barely control my ...

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When does being divorced get better?

When does being divorced get better?  Does it ever feel better?  I get asked those ...

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Cut the cord already! Get out of my dang head!!

So I've long ago been over my ex-husband.  He's just one of those things in ...

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Divorced, and Halloween with kids

It's Halloween and it's Friday night.  I'm single.  Shouldn't I be out on the town ...

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Why do I always have to figure out the halloween costume?

I went away for the weekend.  Before I left, my 11 year old son was ...

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Is kissing cheating?

I just attended a weekend conference on a tropical beach.  Yeah, I know, wasn't it ...

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How has dating changed since the last go-round?

I don't think I was ever a good dater when I was young.  That is ...

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Who gets the house?

When I got divorced I had two little kids.  But believe it or not, I ...

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Is it always the cheater's fault?

It seems like when you discuss the issue of cheating most people think it is ...

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It's my anniversary and his birthday..........and he's cranky!

Well, it's my wedding anniversary and my ex husband's birthday today.  Funny thing is, we ...

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How did I tell the kids about the divorce?

I'm often asked about how to tell the kids.  I don't know that there is ...

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I"m staying at my ex's house this week- the house we were married in

I'm fortunate that I have an ex I get along with most of the time.  ...

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If I could go back, would I marry him?

I've thought about this question often.  If I could go back and do it all ...

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I'm being tested to see if I'm REALLY done!

So I posted this entry yesterday about when a woman is done she's done.  And ...

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When a woman is done.....she's done!

It seems like women hang on forever and ever to that relationship that is not ...

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How do we become "the other woman"?

As someone who has become the "other woman" more than once in her life, I ...

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It's good to get out again!

I went out dancing last night.  A few of my neighbors and I headed over ...

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