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stbx filing bankruptcy... says i "don't need to worry" but he needs my address

So yesterday stbx texts me that he needs my address. For what I asked him. He said "bankruptcy lawyer." He said I didn't need to worry about it - it didn't have anything to do with me. His atty needed it for notification and declaration. 
I got an uneasy feeling about this. Should I?  Anyone else's STBX file for b'ruptcy?  We had a "no bankruptcy" clause in our settlement... that he had put in...  I'm just mystified. 

Maybe he's trying to get out of that $600/mo lease payment for his beamer.... 

by stuckette   625 Posts 
Posted on 4/11/2012 5:41 PM
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Tags: difficult ex , bankruptcy

Answers for "stbx filing bankruptcy... says i "don't need to worry" but he needs my address"  (5) (You must be logged in to answer)

It would have been great to respond to his "don't worry" with "I'm not worried--we have a no-bankruptcy clause." 

If he talked to a bankruptcy lawyer, that lawyer may have told him to make a list of all his creditors, including you.  That doesn't mean he will actually file bankruptcy, and in fact when it comes down to it, the lawyer may advise him that it's not worth it in his case.  That happens quite often.

It is even possible that he is just playing mind-games with you.  Perhaps a push-back for you asking for those medical reimbursements.  Or an excuse to get your address.
by mike1493   3673 Posts
Posted on 4/13/2012 12:11 PM

Well, if he owes you any money for anything, legally he ha to put you on a BK as a creditor, and you have the right to get any notice regarding the filing to be able to contest it if he's trying to discharge debt he shouldn't be. So it wouldn't hurt to get/give a PO Box.
HOWEVER - if there is a no BK clause, he shouldn't even be talking to an attorney about it...unless it is a business related BK....but if it is a business BK, he wouldn't need your address...
You can talk to your attorney about funneling anything BK related through them...and it would be their address given...If a c&d isn't filed against him for starting a BK process in the first place....
by spaznskitz   11339 Posts
Posted on 4/13/2012 10:09 AM

Don't give him anything unless your lawyer agrees it's a good idea.

If you text him back anything, I'd remind him of the "no bankruptcy" clause in your MSA.
by mike1493   3673 Posts
Posted on 4/12/2012 12:09 PM

I am so with Julie on this one.  S, every time you post I wonder how God could go so wrong with your stbx.  Then I think God had nothing to do with it, free will and all, but still, he is such a JERK! 


Don't give him anything.  He and his beamer can go quietly to debtor's prison.

by Iam   7316 Posts
Posted on 4/12/2012 7:13 AM

If you haven't given him your address, there's a good reason why you haven't. This seems to me to be a ploy to get it out of you. I'm going to hazard a wild guess - you still have good reason not to divulge your address to him. Stand pat.


He has a way to get in touch with you. He can pass that information on to whomever, if he chooses. I've discovered that there are very, very few things that cannot be done with a PO Box.


Or tell him you'll cough up the address as soon as he produces the proof that he's taken your daughter to counseling/evaluation - like the sfhool has the report.


I'm going to venture another guess that you didn't twist his arm to get the other one to sign for the beamer.


We're here for you.

by NotJulieG   3319 Posts
Posted on 4/11/2012 5:57 PM

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