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overnight guest~x threatening court!

my divorce has been final almost a year. in the temporary order in the judges notes it was added that the parties shall refrain from exposing the children to members of the opposite sex not related by blood or marriage. it doesn't really mention overnight guests. i guess that is the interpretation it has taken on though. in the final decree there is no "overnight guest" clause however there is a line that mentions any temporary orders be merged into that decree except those specifically reserved in the decree.... i have been dating someone who lives in another state for about 6 months now. i've been talking to him since feb.... we connected due to our 20 year high school reunion that came up last year. we both have very hectic schedules and with my custody agreement i only have 4 days per month without the kids. therefore, there are times he comes here and the kids are here. i do not ask him to stay in a hotel. my x is threatening me that i have violated the decree. i am not sure that i have. it's not specifically stated. i would also never put our children in harms way. while he may not agree morally, i'm not endangering the children. what the x doesn't know is that we have talked marriage but not for a few years. we want to do this right. could he take me back to court? surely i'm not the only one dealing with this issue. as for morals...he's sleeping with the lady he had the affair with who's divorce isn't even final yet. i think he's just flexing his muscles but maybe i'm wrong. help!!!!! oh, i do try to take them to my mom's when i can just to sleep when the bf is here, but they would rather stay home. eventually we will move to another state. that's another mess tho. right now just worried about him taking me back to court....

by gina   1 Post
Posted on 1/9/2008 9:36 PM

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I would hire an attorney myself and have it removed. It really is up to the parents discresion if somebody spends the night. Me personally, I would never allow a man to spend the night unless I was in a serious relationship and new I could trust him around my children. I would hope that all parents would be careful. But the ex has no say in it, nor should they. My controlling ex tries to do that with me. He lives with his girlfriend (the one he cheated on me with) - and he tells me that is OK because I knew her (we were good friends) - and now he tries to tell me I am not allowed to have a friend over. He needs to get over himself - I can make good responsible decisions with my kids. He needs to stop trying to control my life.
by Inmyfavor   17 Posts
Posted on 1/17/2008 11:39 AM

Let him take you back to court... get that clause out of there. It is unreasonable. I can't see a judge keeping it. I understand as a temporary order, when your children are just getting used to the idea of mom and dad not being together, that order would have saved them from a lot of confusion. A year later, you have the right to move on with your life. How are you supposed to date and expose your kids to your new mate with this order in place? It's outdated... have it taken away so he has no muscle left. My boyfriend had a similar order preventing his cheating wife from introducing the children to her longtime boyfriend (last 4 yrs of their marriage) and the judge held it for about 6 months to allow the kids to get used to the divorce and then she pulled it.
by natalieandisabella   8 Posts
Posted on 1/13/2008 6:02 PM

If the divorce decree states "no overnight guest" then you should not have your boyfriend spend the night. How old are your kids? I know it is tough but you agreed to it.
by Bea4   406 Posts
Posted on 1/9/2008 11:12 PM

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