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affect the frontal of the wig as a whole 

How do you care about a wig? "As it is made from real hair, you still have to make a shampoo and condition at least once a month.Some of my clients perform in them so they need to wash the wigs more often. Ensure that you do not damage the lace at the front, because this creates tears wig hair, and that can effectively affect the frontal of the wig as a whole.The lace at the front is very delicate, so you want to protect at all costs. " Are they comfortable? People "You can sleep in these wigs, I've known people who swim in them, I know some people who wore one of my wigs for more than a month without removing it. , If you still have to take care of the hair below ". Your Instagram is so great. Why not try on your wigs? "I try on almost every wig I make, and I do four to five a day because I want to make sure it looks good on a real head. I tried models before synthetic african american wigs, but they did not know how to return their hair as I do. " Why are wigs having such a moment now? "You do not have to worry about your actual hair you can keep healthy, and you can continue to develop it. The idea of wigs is growing on young people because wigs can even better than your real hair . "
by fangjiang  6 Posts 

Posted on 1/10/2017 11:38 PM
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