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No Pound of Flesh? 

The court has decided on the divorce case of the New York doctor who wanted his kidney back from his estranged wife.


Dr. Richard Batista gave his kidney to his wife, Dawnell,  when hers quit. Now that the couple is divorcing, he's asked the court to give it back, or at least to give him $1.5 million to make up for his missing organ.


The court handed down it's decision that the kidney could not be taken under consideration in any division of assets.  Dawnell Batista's lawyer said, "This is a significant decision that clearly finds that human organs are not commodities that can be divided as property in a divorce."


Richard's lawyers still feel that the courts decision is a victory. While they won't take the kidney into account, it has bee stated that Richards, "sacrifices, magnanimity, and devotion" will bear weight.


Source:  www.newsday.com

by inthenews  754 Posts 

Posted on 2/26/2009 2:27 PM
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