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Letter to Wife and Kids. Let me talk to my kids 

Dear Derek

I am not sure you are at the age you can read this letter. I am glad to see pictures of you that your grandmother sends to me. I am glad that you are happy and excited vibrant kid. I wish we can communicate more but at this time we cannot and you will not  be able to see me for a while. I am not close by and can not communicate with you other than this letter. Here is my number. May be we can talk over the phone. I miss you.

Love Dad

Dear Daniel

I am writing this letter to express my feelings as your dad which has been missing out of your life. Last time I was around you were about 1 year old. You do not know me very well. Hope we will have a relationship in the future and be able to communicate. I am so sorry that I have been out of your life for so long. Hopefully in the future you will forgive me and we can be able to have a father son relationship.

I miss you.

Love Dad

Dear Mary,

I have not heard from the Kids for a very long time. Here is my number , if you want them to talk to me. If I do not hear from you or get a call from the kids. Then I know that you do not want them to talk to me. If any of the kids has a direct line. Can I please have that number to call them directly so I will not bother calling you and disturbing you or anyone else in order to communicate with the kids. If this is not an option let me know. If you do not want me to communicate with the kids by phone that means I will only write letters and send cards to talk to them.


Dear Daphne,

I am writing this letter to you to say that I am so happy that you are my beautiful daughter. As you can tell that we have not talked for a long time. I miss you and I try to send a card to you and you brothers every month. If you ever get a phone to call me, here is my number . I will not be able to see you for a longtime and therefore I want to say I am sorry that I left you several years ago. I did not leave because of you. I left because of your mom. I wish there was a chance to take you with me, but that was not possible. You are important to me and I would never leave you but I had no other options because I wanted to leave your mother, I left you as well. I hope you understand.

I Hope we can meet in the future. It makes me proud to know that you are growing up to be the best girl that I have ever seen. I will always miss you.

Love Dad

Dear Dylan,

I want to say that I miss you very much and wish i can see you but I cannot at this time. I am not sure that you can talk to me. If you can, here is my number . I am not able to call your mom or grandmother to get to you because I do not know when to call and do not want to disturb others to talk directly to you. I have a cellphone. So when you call, you will get me.

I want to say I am sorry for leaving you. My plan was to leave you mother. I did not want to leave you. If it was possible to take you with me I would, but I could not do it. I am so happy to have you as mv son and would not ever regret you being in my life. I wish things were different but right now you will not be able to see me very much. I know you will always remember the fun times we have had when you were growing up. I miss those times but they will never happen again because you are older now. It is now time to grow into a great son that you are with courage and love. Thank you for being a good son and the son that I have always wanted. I miss you.

Love Dad.

Daphne, 8 years
Dylan, 11 years
Daniel, 4 years
Derek, 6 years
Mary, 33 years - Xwife
by Larry  57 Posts 

Posted on 12/28/2009 4:13 PM
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Tags: divorce , kids ,
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Comments for "Letter to Wife and Kids. Let me talk to my kids"  (2) (You must be logged in to answer)

courageous blog.  thank you for sharing it.
by paula1   29143 Posts
Posted on 12/29/2009 3:15 PM

Larry, You give me hope..hope for all who have no choice or just leave, but miss the ones you gave life too..The letters speak from your heart, but please, do not put anything about your ex in there..they love you both..don't say..I left because of your Mom..leave that out..you made a decision and now want reconnection to your children..wonderful..keep going in that direction.

Start with Mary, just speak from your heart about the children..explain from your heart how you love them, like her, are greatful for all she provides to them but so much to want to be a part of their lives and growth. 

Your children are all so young and need you both..yes both..forming a front with them ..with only the best intended for those you both love..let your differences go by the wayside..you both have been blessed four times..four times lucky with all the unknown but strong parents sharing all the moments, wanting the best, believing together how lucky they are to have four wonderful children!

I think maybe they miss you so much, some to young to express..I hope you get the reconnection..nothing like the love of a child..you they love..yes you..and your ex wife..reconnect...that will provide you with so much than anyone could explain..you love them..you wrote it..good luck, Larry!  Keep posting and let us know..we care!!
by Joyful   2705 Posts
Posted on 12/28/2009 9:47 PM

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