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No Fairy Tale Endings Here 

As a little girl, I grew up with the notion that we get married, move into a little house with a white picket fence, and have children. Boom, end of story, with every day being the best it could be. I don't know where I got this from, except that maybe from the fairy tales stories that my mother always read to me. I sure got gyped that's for sure. There was nothing even near this kind of life for me. I so much wanted to have that fairy tale life, of course, understanding that every single day cannot be a piece of cake. I know that there are many hurdles in life, most of which, you have to struggle and learn to deal with by yourself. But the ending never even came close. I got married, had children, but somehow didn't make it to the fairy tale ending of the story. I have to accept that. I have to start all over again. I honestly married him for love, good or bad, rich or poor. Why did he have to cheat on me? Wasn't our marriage important enough to save?
by deborah-trevino  1100 Posts 

Posted on 7/25/2008 8:54 AM
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Tags: divorce , family , cheating
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Comments for "No Fairy Tale Endings Here"  (2) (You must be logged in to answer)

I have come to the conclusion that fairy tales don't exsist. I never thought there were fairy tale marriages. They take work and a lot of it and then they still go wrong. There is always one person who doesn't want to put out the effort to make a marriage work.
I had that fairy tale marriage. The new truck every three years, the horses and money to do what I wanted while he hid  what he was doing. He was always home every night right on time. Still he found ways to cheat and do what he wanted. Because I handled the finances he thought I had no reason to complain. He doesn't understand that a realtionship is not about money. So I left knowing there is no such thing as realtionship fairies to help you make your marriage work.
by trisha9054   4890 Posts
Posted on 7/25/2008 3:11 PM

Yeah, my wife seems to be suffering under the same delusion.  I never really cared about the 2.5 kid, picket fence, suburbia "dream."  I am a realist, but I DID expect that, even through the bad times, that I would be there for her and her for me.

I looked on her myspace page and she has on there that she wants to "run away with a rich prince so she never has to work again."  She's reverting to that childhood fantasy that all women seem to have.  Our lives aren't perfect.  I'm not a rich prince.  I'll never be.  I always thought that if you had love, you didn't need material wealth.  I think it's really sad that she seems to.

It sucks that life deals us some shitty hands that delay/corrupt/destroy our visions of what a "perfect" marriage is.  I guess we have two choices...sit around and mope about it or work towards getting past the obstacles and make that dream a reality.  If not with the person you're with now, than work on finding a person who does share that dream and get with them and fight to make it happen.
by BlueB   3218 Posts
Posted on 7/25/2008 9:10 AM

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