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Celebrity Marriage: Art Imitating Life, or Art Shaping Life? 

There was a time in history where the public looked to their stars as paragons, idols who upheld the image of what the fans believed life was supposed to be like. Sports stars and actors living the great American dream.  In those days, actors could get blacklisted for sleeping around, and married athletes could be fired for being seen in a strip club. 


Now as times change, we see celerity relationships shift and change. Reports of infidelity, open relationships, and homosexuality are no longer bombshells but yawn fodder. Nobody's career tanks due to a mistress in the Valley. Is this because we're accepting the prevailing celebrity attitude, or is their lifestyle merely reflecting our own?


A few weeks ago Will Smith said he didn't believe in divorce.  Last week he said he did believe in open marriage. Open marriage does eliminate one of the needs for divorce. There is no infidelity when everything is on the table.


There's the Madonna A-Rod and Cynthia connection. Although curious, nobody but Cynthia seems up in arms.  Even Guy Ritchie is amazingly silent. Nobody has demanded A-Rod retire.


Are we numb, or do we see our friends and neighbors in the stars? Are they merely reflecting our lives in a very real way? If so, is it right, or do we need to change the mirror before changing the channel?


Source: thedailyvoice.com

by inthenews  754 Posts 

Posted on 7/17/2008 3:57 PM
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