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Nothing that matters comes easy. Nothing that comes easy ever really matters 

These are words I live by everyday.  Without fail.  And yes, I struggle, just like everyone else here.  Sometimes I think I struggle more in silence, because I tend to not put it all out there.  I hate to ask for help with anything.


But these words, which are just words formed into a sentence, keep pushing me forward to whatever is out there for me.


Nothing that matters comes easy.  Nothing that comes easy ever really matters.  It's almost like saying you have to walk through the fire to know how the fire lives.  Guess that is part of being a fireman's wife....


Right now, I'm not sure if I have just a foot in the fire or if I am stuck in the middle of it.  You'd think I would know how to put the damn thing out.


Still, my mind keeps saying, Nothing that matters comes easy.  Nothing that comes easy ever really matters.


None of this is easy.  But all of it really matters because it helps us build the kind of person we can be, not the shadow of what we were.


 Nothing that matters comes easy.  Nothing that comes easy ever really matters.

by Kitty7470  3803 Posts 

Posted on 12/13/2008 10:22 PM
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Comments for "Nothing that matters comes easy. Nothing that comes easy ever really matters"  (7) (You must be logged in to answer)

I’m having a bowel movement about this. It’s not easy, so it must matter. It comes easy so I must not need it. My ex has become my bowel movement. It’s important but I just don’t need it... Thanks.
by yohon   195 Posts
Posted on 12/14/2008 10:36 AM

Thanks Kitty....great words to mantra by!  I think I'm past the fire...I'm just wandering around in a haze of smoke.  The fire is still there and I have to be careful not to wander back into it!
by angielou   1543 Posts
Posted on 12/14/2008 8:47 AM

A favorite preacher of mine once stated something to the effect that every worthwhile lesson in life is taught by suffering. 

Then there's Paul who wrote that suffering produces endurance, endurance produces character, character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame.

After a forest fire burns the underbrush to the ground, the rich layer of ash it leaves behind seeps into the soil, and the surviving trees have a growth spurt.  You can see it there in the rings--the scorched and stunted ring followed by a nice, large gap before the next ring.

And then there is the mythical Phoenix, the beautiful red and gold plumed raptor that is reborn from its own ashes.

All themes on the same adage: nothing that matters comes easy; nothing that comes easy ever really matters.


Thanks for the reminder Kitty--I often lose sight of that truth.

by lenn   2693 Posts
Posted on 12/13/2008 11:29 PM

Sometimes my silence is broken and I write. Most of the time I reply.

This is a fabulous motto to live by and I am happy you wrote here for all to read. My stbx told me he didn't want to put the work necessary into our marriage. He would prefer to go back to the way he lived life before us. I understand in many ways but it's just hard to deal with on many levels.

You are a strong and wonderful woman who deserves so much more in life. I am glad you kept repeating the words. They sink in better that way.

I do hope reading and writing here is helping you as much as it helps me.
Blessings to you every day.
by lgoodgal   1038 Posts
Posted on 12/13/2008 11:23 PM

It is a good addage and a good motto to live by.  I've been told by many of my divorced friends that it is the reason that divorce is so difficult.  When I responded to them by saying that a long and mutually fulfilling relationship is also difficult, they had nothing to say.  Unfortunately they both fall under the same category at different times in my life.  I tried.  She didn't.  Cest La Vie.
by DJPO   599 Posts
Posted on 12/13/2008 11:14 PM

I sometimes describe my life with my wife as me standing in the fire and not realizing how bad I was getting burned until I finally stepped out and seen where I was standing with her.

It is true that some really good things take a lot of work and pain, but at the same time, some really good things just take being at the right place at the right time. Hard work is good, but every now and than it's nice to get a lucky break.

Maybe you need a break from the fire and step out of it for a bit to breath. Just a thought.
by CHRISTOPHER36   797 Posts
Posted on 12/13/2008 10:55 PM

I like that, and good for you to be able to live by those words! My favorite is "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!"
by kdb   3165 Posts
Posted on 12/13/2008 10:55 PM

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