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When You Can't Afford to Get Divorced 

Due to the current economic conditions, many couples are finding themselves unable to get a divorce. With stagnate home sales, the stock market down and the rise in unemployment, getting a divorce now may not be financially feasible.


 But what if living with your spouse is making you miserable and living in the same house seems like torture? What do you do then? Here are some ways to co-habitat in the same home with a spouse you rather divorce.


 First, sit down and make a plan. If their is no hope left for your marriage and no chance for a reconciliation, yet you must live under the same roof, it is crucial that you put your differences aside for a moment and come up with a way to live together civilly. This is especially important if there are children in the house. You cannot continue to fight. You will be scarring you children for life.


Staying in an unhappy marriage can feel like being in prison. But if you cannot afford to separate, you must change you mind set and try to get along with your spouse for the time being. Thinking of your spouse as a friend or a roommate can help. The two you must control your emotions and plan your schedules so that the two of you are basically leading separate lives in the same house. Plan who is responsible for the kids on set days and times. If you are still sharing a bedroom, one of you should move into a spare room or sleep on the couch.


If you view your arrangement as a temporary solution and both of you can control yourself and co-exist without lashing out at each other, you can buy yourself some time until one of you can afford to move out. If however, there is any physical or mental abuse in the marriage, you need to think about moving in with friends or relatives for the time being. If that is not an option and you have no place to go, yet feel like you may be in danger, contact your local woman's shelter for help. You can find agencies online in your town that offer assistance. Remember, no matter how bad your finances are, you should never stay in home with a potentially dangerous spouse.


Find out how to protect yourself and your children during a divorce..


by Christina-Rowe  298 Posts 

Posted on 10/30/2008 3:55 PM
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Tags: the ecomony , can't affford to divorce , livning with your spouse , domestic abuse ,
children , christina rowe
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What do you do when you've moved into separate households and you have the children with you and their father has them 2 days a week but he doesn't really think you "need" child support? And certainly no more than $200.00 per month (in our state, support for 2 children would be a minimum of $1000.00 per month). Can you obtain an order for child support if you haven't filed for divorce yet? Thank you.
by Sunflower2   293 Posts
Posted on 10/30/2008 4:26 PM

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