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divorce360.com: Approximately 1.3 million couples divorce each year. Divorce360.com was created to help people contemplating, going through or recovering from divorce. Our goal is to offer support, information and tools to help people learn about, prepare for and handle divorce and the issues surrounding it.

Why divorce? Divorce has become an unfortunate reality. It is difficult, painful and complex. We don’t advocate divorce. We do want to help people struggling with it. From making the decision to leave to going to court for custody or alimony, divorce is an emotional, financial and legal rollercoaster. It doesn’t just impact the two people involved. It impacts their children, friends and other family members. The decisions made before, during and after a divorce can touch many lives. Divorce360 strives to offer the essential information needed to help people make educated choices about those important decisions.

What does divorce360 offer? We offer immediate answers to the questions you have today, as well as information and advice for what’s next in the process and in your life as you move past the divorce. We have professional reporters and experts who will write about those issues in an easy-to-understand way. Plus we have videos, calculators and worksheets that can help you every step of the way. And our active community includes real people talking about real issues in divorce. Whatever the topic, there’s likely to be someone in our community talking about it.

Have you been written about in the press? We have enjoyed strong press coverage. Here are a few links: We had a nice write-up in TechCrunch when we launched. MSN has featured our stories regularly. AOL selected us as an "Editor's Pick." Adweek did a very nice story on our efforts to sell advertising in the divorce space. And our hometown paper ran a story about us. (For all of our clips, check out our Press page)

What is our mission? Our mission is to help people struggling with the topic of divorce. We hope our site will empower people with information, help lessen the fear of uncertainty and confusion surrounding divorce, give people support and encouragement from an online community and redefine divorce as a transition to a new life.

About our journalistic and advertising policies: Our content is free to users. Like most publications, online or in print, we accept advertising. And like every good journalistic organization, we keep a strict separation between the advertising and news departments – advertising is clearly labeled and advertisers don’t influence the stories or where they are placed on the site. If you’d like a copy of our editorial policy, please click here. To suggest a story for the site, please e-mail us at . To reach the advertising department, please e-mail or use our form contact us.

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