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Over the past 25 years in their psychotherapy practices, Dr. Phyllis Goldberg and Dr. Rosemary Lichtman have guided their clients, usually Boomer women, through the process of reassessing their lives. They have motivated them to understand and resolve personal and family struggles after divorce. Both are graduates of Dr. Martin Seligman’s Authentic Happiness Coaching Program and employ positive psychology techniques in their work. Developing and teaching seminars about life transitions, their topics focus on conflict resolution, stress management, communication skills and strategies for positive change. In 2000, Phyllis and Rosemary partnered to create HerMentorCenter.com, which provides information, support and coaching services, as well as a free monthly newsletter, “Stepping Stones.” In addition, they post daily on their blog, www.NourishingRelationships.blogspot.com. Drs. Goldberg and Lichtman are co-authors of the book Family Relationships.
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